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What we wish we had been told when we started snow sports…


Ski boots that fit well (i.e., are extremely snug everywhere, but not painful) will dramatically improve your skiing and make it much more enjoyable. To get well-fitting boots, you must work with a reputable local boot-fitter (see below). And get them to make you custom footbeds: these are both cheap and generally critical to a good fit. Buying boots online, or renting boots, rarely ends well. Corollary: when you head out for a ski trip, always carry your boots in your carry-on.

Skis make far less of a difference (within reason) than ski boots. You may wish to buy your own skis if:

  • You ski locally. Local ski hills have long rental lines and high rental prices.

  • Or you ski more than 2 weeks per year.


Demo skis before purchase, also to determine the optimal length in that model.


And if you wish to ship your skis, this ShipSkis link gives Club members a 10% discount.


Ski poles: consider composite poles with a strap safety-release system.


Gear reviews: Blister is the standard go-to.

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